Armpit Sweating

Armpit Sweating

Armpit sweating - these simple words can strike dread in the hearts of men and women all over the world. There are many negative associations brought up with the idea of armpit sweat.

One example is clothing being permanently damaged by sweat stains. Another is bad body odor. Excessive sweating of the armpit is often seen as unhygienic, as a sure sign of an unfit person. And, of course, there are many psychological consequences of armpit sweat - anxiety, embarrassment and shame, to name just a few.

But is sweating a bad thing? No. In fact, sweating is a natural, healthy and necessary function of the body. Sweat is the thermoregulatory mechanism of the body - it is our internal air conditioning system. Without any sweat, we would overheat.

Does that mean it's not safe to control my armpit sweating? No. Luckily for us, the underarm region is a sweat hotspot that can be safely controlled - and should be, if you want to stop bad odor and sweat stains. It is safe to control armpit sweating because when one sweat hotspot is shut off, sweat will naturally redistribute over a wider region of your body.

PURAX offers two products - the PURAX Pure Pads and the PURAX Roll On - to handle the problem of excessive armpit sweating.

The PURAX Pure Pads are the world's first and only patented self-adhesive underarm pads. What's unique about the "Pure Pads" is that they are applied directly on the skin of the armpit. This application method is beneficial to the user because it allows for maximum mobility; it is more comfortable; and it absorbs underarm sweat immediately.

The PURAX Roll On is an extraordinarily powerful antiperspirant roll on. With just one or two swipes of the PURAX Roll On, you can experience up to 7 days free from armpit sweat! Moreover, the PURAX Roll On is not affected by showering, and one 50 ml bottle can last for up to 12 months with regular usage.

By combining the PURAX Pure Pads with the PURAX Roll On, you can control even the most extreme cases of armpit sweating. So what are you waiting for?

Experience a new kind of freedom with PURAX!


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